Sunset in Kennebunkport

Last Friday we headed to Maine to relax, explore and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. After arriving in Portland we headed to straight to Kennebunkport to get settled and begin our adventures. We spent our first afternoon in Kennebunkport getting settled and exploring the charming town and quaint shops. After walking through town we decided we were tired from a day of travel and wanted to have a quiet and peaceful night.The manager of the Inn gave us a few suggestions for local places to check out so after dinner we decided to head to the coast to watch sunset before settling in for the evening.Sunset in Kennebunkport_0059Sunset in Kennebunkport_0062We drove along the coast in search of a spot to explore but we ended up stopping several times because there were so many beautiful views. The weather was perfect and we were able to enjoy exploring the shoreline without being too cold. This fleece jacket was the perfect outer layer to stay warm while climbing throughout the rocks along the shore.Sunset in Kennebunkport_0133Sunset in Kennebunkport_0105Sunset in Kennebunkport_0135I was glad to have been wearing my Bean Boots because I was able to walk right along the shore and trek through the rocks and water to get to better vantage points to enjoy the beautiful view.Sunset in Kennebunkport_0085Sunset in Kennebunkport_0099Watching the sunset over the ocean was such a great way to spend our first night in Maine. After sunset we went back to the room and sat by the fireplace to relax and prepare for another day of exploring.Sunset in Kennebunkport_0103.jpgSunset in Kennebunkport_0087Sunset in Kennebunkport_0095I will be sharing more details and highlights of our trip this week and next so stay tuned!

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