Thanksgiving Prep

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away I am getting super excited to head home and spend time with family. I have started packing and prepping this already since we are leaving tomorrow. While Thanksgiving may not seem like a holiday that requires as much prep as Christmas there is still a lot to be planned so I am sharing a few ways I am prepping for this holiday weekend.

What to Wear:

I am the type of person that plans out my outfits well in advance. I know that may seem super shallow but I like to be prepared and I am the type of person who if I look my best (ie: “put together”) I feel my best (this is why I rarely wear sweats/lounge clothes). This year I’m actually not 100% sure what I will be wearing but I do have a few options lined up and have put together some ideas for you as well.

Festive Skirt– A skirt in a warm autumn hue paired with a button down or sweater with riding boots is a great dressy-casual look for Thanksgiving. Here is a similar mustard colored skirt and a similar corduroy skirt.

Gingham Blouse & Mustard Skirt_0642     Green Turtleneck, Corduroy Skirt, Hunter Boots_1499

Cozy Sweater- Throwing on a cozy or oversized sweater is perfect for a laid back Thanksgiving. You look great for dinner and are comfortable enough to relax with family afterwards. This sweater is my absolute favorite and I wear it regularly in the fall and winter. You can find a few other favorite sweaters here.Cream Sweater & Riding Boots_0669

Shift Dress- A shift dress is always a great option for looking effortlessly put together. And as a major bonus they are loose fitting so you can eat as much as you want 🙂 You can choose something casual like this simple striped dress or something a bit more dressy like this pretty lace one!

DSC_0590    DSC_0972

What to Make:

Whether you are hosting, co-hosting, or simply bringing a side dish or two, and are in need of some recipe inspiration look no further. I have rounded up a few traditional and non-traditional dishes that are perfect for a gathering with family and friends.

Caramel Apple Cider

What to Give (Your Host):

If you are celebrating somewhere other than your own home, be sure to bring something for the host/hostess. Below are a few of my favorite options. And if you want to make it a bit more personal consider making something homemade. For Easter we made homemade granola for our parents since they were hosting us for the weekend.

Now I am feeling prepped and ready to celebrate with family this weekend, I hope you are too!

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