Giving Thanks

Happy Wednesday everyone! Andrew and I are heading to be with our families today and I am so excited to have everyone together for Thanksgiving!Union Orchard 2017_1449With tomorrow being Thanksgiving I won’t be posting so I wanted to dedicate today’s post to gratitude. It is so important to regularly give thanks and appreciate all that we have been blessed with, both big and small.

While Thanksgiving is meant for us to acknowledge our thanks it often turns into a day about food and football. I encourage everyone to take time tomorrow to really be in the moment and appreciate the company of friends and family. Focus on your blessings and gratitude throughout the day to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

And while I am talking about gratitude and being thankful I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who reads this blog. I am amazed at how much the blog grows each month and am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have connected with this past year. I have a lot planned for the blog next year and I am so thankful to share this experience with you all.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a lovely holiday weekend!

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