Living Lately No. 27

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has been tough. Our house is still recovering from the dinner we hosted last weekend as we have been slow to get everything back in order and put away. So that is what I will be dedicating this weekend to. Hopefully Sunday will involve a break and some time to enjoy the season (read: fall baking, warm drinks, and maybe that big fall breakfast I have been dreaming about!).Union Orchard 2017_1477I can’t believe it is already November. I am still very much enjoying the fall season but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t super excited for Christmas. Also, how adorable are my mom and sister? Loved getting to spend time with our family this past weekend and looking forward to being home or Thanksgiving in a few weeks! Also, starting to prep Living Taylored for the holidays so I am looking for some feedback (see bottom of post) so be sure to share your thoughts and requests!



Living Taylored Lately

Maine Highlights

  • I am still sorting through all of our photos from Maine. Even though it was a quick trip we tried to fit in SO much. I would love to share it all, but I also don’t want to overdo it on the Maine content. I will probably save the rest and share at a later time unless people request more. For now you can read about our trip and adventures in the posts below 🙂

Next Week

  • Best Soups for Fall & Winter
  • Fall Layers
  • Fall Breakfast

This Season-Reader Requests

  • I’m not quite ready to jump into Holiday content on the blog just yet, but I do want to start prepping and planning for the season. That being said, I want to know what you are interested in seeing on Living Taylored! Gift guides, holiday and festive clothes, décor, traditions, etc. Let me know what you are interested in seeing and I will try to feature those posts this season for some extra holiday inspiration 🙂


3 thoughts on “Living Lately No. 27

  1. These pictures are just adorable, Taylor. The matching boots and cute scarfs are just so cute, and your mom looks young enough to be your sister! I am so looking forward to your holiday content. I like holiday decorations and holiday dinner and traditions posts! I’m sure it will all be wonderful. If you have any cute shops or restaurants near you that are decorated for Christmas. I’d love to see some photos (0r a post on that). I’m looking forward to reading your blog next week.

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