Motivational Monday

“Speak to make yourself happy, don’t speak to impress others.”

This quote was printed on the tab of my morning tea yesterday and it stuck with me throughout the day. I took some time to stop and think if I speak to impress others at times. I realized that this quote can be interpreted several ways and applied to different aspects of life.

Do we embellish the truth to make our lives seem more interesting? Do we say what we think others wants to hear rather than expressing our true feelings opinions? Are we saying things only to fit in rather than honoring our own beliefs and opinions?

It can be easy to feel the need to change who we are to fit in; saying what we think someone will want to hear to gain their respect or attention. But by doing so we aren’t always being true to ourselves.

I thought this quote was a great reminder for not only the things we say verbally but the way we portray ourselves on social media. Are we sharing these photos and thoughts because they make us happy and represent our true self or are we sharing because we want to impress others?

Consider this the next time you are posting on social media or talking with friends and co-workers. Is what you are sharing/speaking to make you happy and honor your true self, or is it to impress those around you?

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