Slowing Down: Summer Sweater

DSC_0270 - Version 2I hate to admit it but I already have fall on my mind. It is the beginning of my favorite time of year which is pretty much Labor Day to Valentine’s Day. I love the weather, the cozy clothes that accompany the cold and all of the holidays and festivities that take place.DSC_0277I know it isn’t even August yet and I need to take time to slow down and enjoy the rest of summer. Even thought it has been crazy hot out lately (heat index of 115 this past week) we have been trying to spend more time outside. Between trips to the botanical gardens, walks through the park and a planning an upcoming lake weekend I am trying to soak it all up.DSC_0280With typical Nebraska weather I probably won’t be breaking out any of my fall clothes until mid-end September (if I’m lucky). But I have been trying to search searching for a few transition pieces in m closet that I know I can pull out of my closet once it starts to cool down.DSC_0278I bought this sweater from Kiel James Patrick before I started my Summer Without Shopping knowing that it would be good for the transition and I hoping I would be able to wear it mid summer as well.DSC_0273 - Version 2I would truly live in sweaters year round so finding a light weight sweater like this one that I can wear even on hotter days is perfect. And most importantly I can still wear it during the transition into fall.

Sweater (I love the men’s versions too! just size down one size) | White Denim Shorts | Converse

14 thoughts on “Slowing Down: Summer Sweater

  1. cute sweeter! I personally can never wear sweaters, maybe I always pick the wrong kind? They always seem shapeless & worn out when i put them on. When it closer the the time, a guide on how to shop for one would be so helpful for this non-fashionista gal! lol

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