June Goals

I feel like I say this every month, but honestly this past month FLEW BY. I was working on my post schedule for the next few weeks and realized that I needed to work on my list of goals for June. Or in other words, think about whether or not I actually did my May goals… Never a good sign when you can’t even remember all of the goals you set for yourself.

So in complete honesty, May’s goals did not work out so well. But the purpose of these posts isn’t to show that I am achieving goals and succeeding. Not every goal will be achieved and most certainly they will take time. The purpose of sharing my monthly goals is to encourage others to set goals and take steps to improve certain areas of their day to day life. It is all about trying and taking those initial steps. It is a constant process and I know that there will be weeks and months where I just don’t accomplish everything I had planned to, and thats okay. The point is that I am trying.


So what are my goals for June? Now that we are 6 months into the year I want to re-visit some of the goals I had set for myself over the past few months.

June Goals

  • Read more often: I was doing great for a while and while I truly love reading sometimes I just forget to make time for it. I have been reading every Friday night (well almost) as part of my 25 Before 25. But I would like to make a conscious effort to read more throughout the week.
  • Implement a new fitness routine/schedule: I used to be so good about working out and going to the gym, but lately it has been a major struggle. So while May’s fitness goal fell flat (see below) I am going to try again this month and test out a new fitness routine.
  • Cook more often: I really do love cooking. It never really seemed like a chore or dreaded task, but lately things have been so crazy that it seems like we are actually cooking less often. I want to get back into the habit of cooking every night and rarely eating out.

May Goals Review

  • Mix up my workout routine: I could list so many excuses for why this goal didn’t happen. But I won’t, instead I’ll be honest and say that I rarely made it to the gym this month. However this last week of May I committed to a new fitness schedule that I am hoping will stick.
  • Improve my posture: This is the one May goal that I can say I actually committed to and worked on. While I can’t say for certain if my posture is better, I know that I have made a daily effort to be more aware of my posture and correct it when its poor. I still have a lot of work to do.
  • Finish re-doing our bedroom: This goal was just a big DIDN’T HAPPEN. We still have yet to put up new curtains, get rid of the old chairs or hang our artwork/photos. However, I did make progress on finding a new chair, wall mirror and new curtains…. baby steps.

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