April Goals

With a new month comes a new list of goals… With Earth Day being in April I wanted to focus on outdoors and doing my part this month. April in Nebraska finally means nice temperatures before the hot sticky heats of summer sets in. It seems like the perfect time to be outside.


April Goals:

  • Create a recycling plan: I am honestly ashamed to say that I haven’t done this already. I used to be the queen of recycling. No. Seriously. I influenced my mom to set up a recycling station at home and my roommates and I had a serious system in college too. With Earth Day coming up I am going to get back on track and stick with it!
  • Take more walks: With the weather warming up it seems like a great opportunity to spend more time outside. Taking time to go on a walk after dinner a few nights a week is a good way to get outside and get moving.
  • Plant an herb garden: We bought some seeds to be planted back in March but were worried it was still to cold so this month we are going to get these planted and will hopefully have a little garden to look forward to this summer.

How did my March Goals go?

  • Clean out/organize our closet: I tackled this within the beginning of March and was so happy to have it done. See my closet cleaning tips here.
  • Stick with Yoga: I’m gonna be honest…. March was a rough month for fitness. I’m going to blame it on the time change. Yoga just didn’t happen…
  • Make tiramisu: I was really looking forward to making tiramisu and decided my birthday would be the perfect opportunity! I made it last week and it was SO good! Definitely a successful goal!

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