Closet Clean Out

One of my goals for this month was to clean out our closets. I try to do this every few months or at least seasonally. Going through our clothes several times a year may seem excessive but it really helps keep things tidy and organized. If you are cleaning out your closet in winter it is really difficult to know which spring/summer items you will wear so I like to go through it after every season to make sure I am not holding on to anything that I don’t wear or that no longer fits/works with the rest of my wardrobe.

I recently set aside a Sunday afternoon and went through both closets in the house and successfully got rid of a few items. Our closet feels so much more organized now and it definitely makes it easier to get ready in the mornings.

Closet cleanout

Cleaning out the closet can be frustrating and time consuming and often seem ineffective but hopefully these tips and tricks will help you quickly and effectively sort through your wardrobe and make some progress.

Take EVERYTHING out: Yes, take every little thing out of your closet, drawers, bins, etc. I used to make the mistake of just sifting through the items hanging in my closet or folded in drawers but quickly learned that wasn’t a very effective method.

Sort one at a time: Individually look at each piece rather than just grabbing handful or sections of hanging items to keep. By looking at each item individually you will have a better idea of whether or not you like/still wear the item, if you have other items to go with it, if it has any stains/tears, if it is still your taste.

Try it on: You don’t have to do this with every item but if it something that you haven’t warn in a while or you are unsure about the stile/fit, take time to try it on. This may seem like it will take more time but in the end it will save time and keep you from hanging on to unnecessary items.

Ask yourself questions: There will be certain pieces that you instinctively want to keep, but it is important to ask yourself a few questions while cleaning everything out. When was that last time you wore it? Does it still fit? Will you wear it again in the next few months? Do you have other items to go with it? My general rule is if it still fits, If I have worn it within the last 6 months and know I will wear it again then I keep it.

Create piles: As you are going through everything designate space for piles to sort your clothes/shoes/accessories into. I usually create 3 piles: Keep, Donate, Maybe. Then after I have gone through everything I go back through the maybe for one last look and usually ask someone else’s opinion (mom, sister, husband).


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