Motivational Monday

“Nothing adventured, nothing attained”

-Peter McWilliams

Ask my friends and family to describe me and I can guarantee that “adventurous” will not be a word they use. I am a reserved, shy, and introverted person who has never been a fan of taking risks, trying new things, or putting myself out there.

Compared to my friends who are traveling the world and chasing their dreams (or dream jobs) I am still relatively reserved but I will say that I am making progress.

I really owe my new sense of adventure and curiosity to my husband. One of our very first dates he took me to a restaurant where I willingly and happily tried several new things. We carried on the traditions of trying new things on our honeymoon at The Restaurant at Meadowood and The French Laundry.

Since then I have been much more open to trying new things and going on new adventures. I was inspired to share this quote because I am currently in New York on another adventure with my husband and I am looking forward to many more adventures to come.

I hope you will also go on many exciting adventures this coming year!

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