Packing for NYC in December

Packing for winter and cooler climate trips always seems to be a tad trickier. Layers are key and the weather can be so unpredictable.

With a destination like New York City there are so many activities that require a variety of outfits ranging from casual to formal. We will be there for 4 nights and it seems like every night we have a formal activity or event planned aside from our casual day activities requiring us to pack twice as many outfits. Once our travel plans were finalized it was much easier to create a list of what items will be essential for this trip.

Casual outfits: layers, layers and more layers is what I have decided on. In a place like New York where you will be walking down city streets and popping in to different buildings it is easy to go from freezing to a little to toasty so wearing layers that you can easily add on or shed off is key- button ups, sweaters, down vests, jackets, etc. Layer these on to help stay warm when exploring outside and then easily slip them off to hold while in stores, restaurants, and museums.

Also make sure that you pack comfortable and weather tolerant shoes! You will most likely be doing a LOT of walking as you explore so it is important to be comfortable but you also want something that can handle a little rain/snow. Taking a pair of rain or snow boots like Hunters are great because they can be dressed up a tad and can even be worn with a skirt or casual dress. Bean boots are another great option as they are perfect for rain and snowy days and can be worn without just about any casual outfit.

Dressy outfits: layering is a little trickier depending on how formal you need to be. You can always layer with a sweater, skirt, tights, boots and a scarf with a dressier coat. For occasions that require a more formal look my best suggestion is a nice dress, tights or stockings (if applicable), comfortable dress shoes, and your warmest dress coat with a nice scarf and gloves (& fingers crossed you don’t have to spend too much time outside).

Since packing for cold destination can require so many layers and clothes for occasions varying in formality I try to pack my outfits in the same hue/color family so I can limit the shoes, bags, and coats that I need to take. (For example: I am taking dressed that all can be worn with a nude pair of heels. And all of my day outfits can be worn with my riding boots or my Hunter boots if it is wet). Taking versatile pieces that you can wear several ways is also a great way to cut back on what you pack! With versatile pieces you can go from casual to dressy just by changing your jeans into a skirt and throwing on different shoes.

We are heading to New York tomorrow so fingers crossed I packed enough layers to be prepared for a very cold week!

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