Kennebunkport, Maine

DSC_1245Andrew and I took a trip to Maine back in October (you can read more about our trip here). We saw so much of the Southern Coast and even ventured all the way up to Bar Harbor to visit Acadia. I shared highlights of most of our trip but I realized I never shared much about the town we actually stayed in.

When we first starting planning I did a lot of research about where we should stay. Not just in terms of hotel, but we took quite a while to decide on a town location. We were debating between Portland, Kennebunk/Kennebunkport, Camden, & Bar Harbor. The more we looked into these towns we finally narrowed it down to the Portland area. While Camden and Bar Harbor had great options, we felt that staying closer to Portland (where we would fly into) worked best.

Kennebunkport InnWhere We Stayed

Truthfully after seeing Jackie Greaney post so many charming pictures of Kennebunkport I was hooked. I looked into several hotels and inns within the area and as soon as I found The Kennebunkport Inn, it was settled. It looked like the perfect place to stay, and it was. Immediately upon our arrival we felt like we were being welcomed home and were given a little over view of the area to help us get settled. The staff provided great recommendations and we set off to explore. The town was beyond charming. It kind of had a “Stars Hollow on the water” feel. Our hotel was right off the main square of town and most of the town itself was very “walkable” so it was easy to get around without hopping in the car for everything.Kennebunkport Inn 3Kennebunkport Inn 2The Kennebunkport Inn was truly one of the most charming places I’ve ever seen. I would without a doubt recommend staying here if you are ever in the area!Kennebunkport Inn 4

What To Do

I know when people think “small town” they often think that means “nothing to do”.  That isn’t the case for the Kennebunk’s! It is a popular destination with plenty to do and see. It may not be a fast paced city, but it is perfect for leisurely days of exploring. Nearly everything is within walking distance which is great for beautiful days. Otherwise you can easily hop on a bike or take a short drive!The CandymanShops

  • Maine Made Food & Gifts: We picked up a few “souvenirs” here to take home with us!
  • The Old Salt’s Pantry Delicatessen: We stopped in here to pick up some blueberry syrup to take back for my parents (and one for myself of course). It was the cutest little general store/deli and while we didn’t order anything else I heard great talk of bagel sandwiches!
  • Ireland: Irish goods galore! So many beautiful scarves, sweaters, and hats. I had been searching for a specific plaid scarf (as worn here) and had just about given up. I walked into the store and what did I immediately see?, the scarf I had been searching for (which I then wore as we explored the White Mountains)!
  • Fine Print Booksellers: Anytime I see a cute bookshop I bee-line for it. While small this one had a great selection and a wonderful variety of books by local authors and about local topics.
  • Candy Man: This candy shop made me instantly feel like a kid again. Honestly had I been in here unsupervised I would have been in trouble. Luckily Andrew was there to convince me that I didn’t need every single candy and sweet treat they had. We ended up getting a little something for my littlest brothers instead. Definitely worth a visit whether you are traveling with kiddos or not.

Kennebunkport Town Sign



  • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge: The refuge is just a short drive outside of Kennebunk. A trail loops through the area that offers beautiful views and a lot to admire. We walked through the area one morning before breakfast and it was a great way to start the day.
  • Beaches: There are several pretty beaches in the area that are worth exploring! On our first night we drove down to Cape Arundel to watch the sunset. It was truly beautiful. There are several peaceful spots along the cape to enjoy these amazing views.

Sunset in Kennebunkport_0059

  • Sailing/Boat Rides: This was another activity that we didn’t fit in but I would LOVE to do on another trip. You can book boat tours for a day on the water and tours for whale watching too!
  • Bike Rides: We didn’t get a chance to take the bikes out for a spin around the city but we saw SO many people exploring by bike. Many of the hotels and resorts offer bikes to the guests to get around town.


Where We Ate

  • Rococo Ice Cream-Fun local ice cream shop!
  • Ben & Jerry’s– Definitely worth a stop. It may seem silly when we can just get Ben & Jerry’s from the store but they unique more flavors and fresh waffle cones!
  • Hurricane– perfect spot for a nice dinner! We ate here on our last night.
  • Dock Square Coffee House– I’m all about trying quaint coffee shops whenever we go somewhere new. We were both tired from day of travel so we stopped for coffee in the square, picked a window seat and admire the little town
  • Salt & Honey– Great breakfast spot. The Maine Blueberry pancakes were wonderful!
  • Mornings in Paris– Charming little pastry and coffee shop. We stopped here early one morning before heading for a short hike. It was too rainy to enjoy the adorable outdoor seating but it was such a cute set up!
  • Roma Pizza– A great little pizza spot. We didn’t go in with super high hopes but the pizza was great! We took it to go and ate by the fireplace in our room.
  • Allison’s– A local sports bar with GREAT lobster rolls. I have tried lobster several times and this was the place that converted me to actually liking lobster!
  • White Barn– the perfect spot for a nice date night. The restaurant and property are beautiful and the food was wonderful. We absolutely loved our dinner here!DSC_0035

Overall we loved our stay in this little coastal down and I would be thrilled to go back again. You can read more about our time in Maine here.

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  1. Wow! Such a great re-cap of your trip, Taylor! The hotel looks very nice. Your photos are beautiful! Gosh, what a cute name for a café…”Mornings in Paris”. I love it!

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