Living Lately No. 43

Happy Friday everyone! This was a tough week for me so to be completely honest all of my posts are going to be “pre-scheduled” for a while. I just don’t have the energy to get posts up right now so over the next few weeks I will be sharing posts that I have had sitting in drafts for quite a while. I hope everyone has a great weekend!DSC_2173.JPGInspiration

  • Why I Unsubscribed from J. Crew Emails: One of my favorite bloggers shared her thoughts on consumerism, materialism and our need to always buy something new. I have been feeling this way for so long and Meg explained it perfectly!
  • Thoughts From My Blogging Break: I love reading Bryn’s thoughts on blogging and what she learned from her break. I feel the same way about the blogging world and I find it so refreshing to hear from others that don’t want to push consumerism on their readers.


  • Currently Reading “The Wife Between Us”
  • This week I shared a list of my most recent reads which you can find here!

Living Taylored Lately

Next Week

  • Creating a Reading Nook
  • What I Packed for San Francisco

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