What I Packed For San Francisco

Lands End Lookout_0316Hi everyone! I finally finished up sharing all of our San Francisco posts a few weeks ago and I’ve had a few questions about how I decided what to pack for the trip so I thought I would share a quick post of what I brought along!

I knew we would be spending a lot of our time close to the water so I made sure to bring outfits that involved light layers so whether we were along the water or further inland exploring the city I wouldn’t get too hot or cold. I also knew this trip would involve a lot of walking (and I had just gotten out of a boot) so I wanted to bring shoes to wear during the day that I knew would be extra comfortable and wouldn’t bother me.

Not only did I want comfortable shoes but I tend to plan fairly “active” trips. Even on our first day as soon as we got off the plane we headed to Land’s End for a small hike. So packing comfortable outfits that are great for exploring, but also slower paced strolls throughout the city is a must for me! I’m also not someone who travels in sweats or athletic-wear so for me, “comfortable” still means nice jeans and a t-shirt or blouse.

Overall I would say my top packing tips for San Francisco would be light layers (even in warmer months-coastal nights can get quite chilly), comfortable shoes for exploring both nature and the city, and a combination of casual and dressy to get you from a day of adventure to a nice dinner out.

San Francisco Packing Guide1. Field Jacket | Jeans | Scarf | Converse   2. Denim Jacket | Striped Shirt | White Jeans | Pink Loafers  3. Cream Sweater | Scarf | Jeans | Espadrille Wedges  4. Striped Tee | Jeans | Sneakers (similar here5. Yellow Coat | Striped Tee | Jeans | Converse  6. Red Dress | Block Heels

Not Pictured: In addition to the outfits above I also packed my Barbour Beadnell (as worn here), a trench coat which I wore with outfit #3 while we were in Napa, and a dressy blouse which I ended up wearing out to dinner on our last night with the black heels and dark jeans.


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