Point Bonita & Marin Headlands

Happy Monday! After unexpectedly taking last week off (things were just a little bit crazy and I needed a break) I am back with our last San Francisco Trip post! It was such a fun trip and I have loved sharing so many photos and highlights!

After our 6 mile hike in Mt. Tam we drove over to Point Bonita and Marin Headlands for the afternoon. Both of these spots offer more breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

POINT BONITAPoint Bonita_0532.JPGThe lighthouse has very limited hours and I made it a priority to find a time that we could visit when it was open. We rushed the last 3 miles of our hike (nearly running back up the 2,000 foot descent we had just made) just to make it before the lighthouse closed only to discover it was shut down that day for a school tour. Regardless of the lighthouse being closed we still explored the area and took in the beautiful views.Point Bonita_0512Point Bonita_0498It was a beautiful (albeit windy) afternoon. Despite the lighthouse being closed we still had a wonderful time. As we were looking out at the water we noticed hundreds of Harbor Seals sunbathing all along the rocky coast.Point Bonita_0538Point Bonita_0507As we were in awe of all of the seals I spotted a whale out in the distance. We waited for a while hoping it would breach but it only continued to splash around. I was able to capture a photo of it waving it’s tale around. It looks so tiny but it was probably about 2 miles away.Point Bonita_0549


As we headed back into the city to get cleaned up for dinner we pulled off at Marin Headlands for one last view of The Golden Gate Bridge.Marin Headlands_0558.JPGI had hoped to spend a bit more time in the headlands exploring but we were so worn out from our long hike that we were anxious to get back to the hotel and head to our dinner at Spruce.

Exploring in Marin County was such a fun day. After spending a few days in the city and a day in Napa it was so refreshing to have a day spent outside enjoying nature and beautiful views. I would definitely recommend a trip to the Marin side of the bridge whenever you are in San Francisco!

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