Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I am SO excited to launch this series. In case you missed yesterday’s post which you can read here, I announced that I am starting a new series, “Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe”. I really want to get back on track with sticking to the basics, making the most of what I have, and not constantly making new purchases. I thought creating a capsule wardrobe would be a great way for me to do just that.

So today I am sharing the first capsule wardrobe: Winter. I have included about 22 different pieces and over the next few weeks I will be sharing posts on different ways to style everything. Just based on the list of items I counted about 35+ different ways to style it all, not including coats, accessories and shoe options. While I won’t be sharing a look at all 35+ outfits I will definitely share a few favorites over the next few weeks to help inspire you to create new outfits!WINTER.jpg

How to Use the Capsule Wardrobe: Let’s be honest, I’m not only wearing these 20-30 pieces this season. This capsule wardrobe is meant to inspire you to use the basic pieces that you may already have and create several different looks. You don’t need everything on the list so don’t feel like this is a “must have” seasonal wardrobe. Simply use this for inspiration for creating new outfits and making the most of what you already have!


I know including three different coats might seem a bit excessive but for wear I live, its necessary as the weather is constantly changing (truly, subzero one week and low 40s the next…). I chose to add a heavy winter down coat, a warm wool dress coat, and a lighter weight casual coat.

Heavy Winter Coat: I haven’t had a proper winter coat since Sophomore year of college… What have I been thinking?!? After experiencing subzero temps New Year’s weekend I decided it was finally time to invest in a NICE winter coat. I absolutely love the one I got (I will be sharing a full review on it soon) but in the mean time here are a few other warm options: Here, here and here.

Warm Wool Coat: I love a good wool coat. So much that I would have one in every color if I could, but instead I just have this black one and I love it! It simple yet dressy and surprisingly warm. A few others I think are great for winter: here, here and here.

Lighter Weight Jacket: Having a warm, light weight jacket is a must. Sometimes it just isn’t cold enough to be wearing a huge winter coat so I like to opt for a light weight jacket with warmer layers under. I chose to use my Barbour Beadnell for the capsule because I honestly wear it ALL the time and almost year round. But here are a few other options for warm light weight jackets: here, here and here.


I tried to select a variety of tops that will be versatile, practical and still fun. I feel like I almost always choose a thick sweater in the winter but I am trying to be better about branching out and layering in new ways.

Quilted Vest: I love adding a quilted vest for extra warmth. While I wouldn’t consider them a wardrobe staple, they are great for layering! Sticking with a neutral color or something that will go with most of your wardrobe is the best bet! Vests: here and here.

Chunky Cardigan: Again, I love the option of adding a chunky cardigan to almost any outfit for added warmth. Try finding one that can work with both casual and dressy pieces to get the most use out of it. Here are some favorites: here, here, and here.

Sweaters: I wanted to add a few sweaters to the capsule because I wear one almost every day in the winter. So I opted for a colorful sweater and a neutral sweater.

Colorful Sweater: I am awful at wearing color so I felt like adding in a more colorful, yes still versatile sweater would open up a few doors for outfits and styling. I love red for a winter. Like these: here and here.

Neutral Sweater: Having a great neutral sweater that will go with everything is perfect for winter. Something in a classic cream, tan, or black!

Turtleneck: This winter I have been wearing a turtleneck as an extra layer. They are great for under a sweater or pullover but still look great on their own! These tissue turtlenecks are my favorite but I also love these: here, here, and here.

Button Down: A button down is a classic no matter the season. They are great on their own or layered under a blazer or sweater and are easily dressed up or down. I love these: here and here.

Dressy Blouse: For a dressy blouse I always love a sheer blouse, something in a floral print, or an embellished collar/tie neck. Here are a few favorites:

Dress: A simple black dress is always a great piece no matter the season. Finding one that can be dressed up or down is always helpful. Here are a few favorites: here and here


I tried to keep things simple the bottoms and pants. It gets so cold here that while I love wearing skirts and dress I usually stick to pants so I kept things pretty basic with 2 jeans, a skirt and a fun pair of leggings just to mix things up.

Skinny Jeans: Obviously you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of jeans. These have been my absolute favorite pair. Other great picks: here, here and here.

Black Jeans: Again, a simple pair of black jeans is definitely a staple for me. I wear them nearly all year long. Black Jeans: here and here.

Simple Skirt: I would opt for a simple wool skirt. I chose black because it was most versatile based on the other items and the rest of my wardrobe. But any neutral like tan, brown or navy would work too. Like these: here and here.

Leather Leggings: I know these definitely aren’t a staple or a need but after wearing them and seeding how versatile they are I just had to include them. Plus they are surprisingly warm for winter. Most of the ways I will be styling these you could definitely substitute black jeans or a regular pair of thick black leggings. I also love these velvet ones (as seen here). Here are a few favorites: here and here.


Winter Boots: Living in Nebraska, winter boots are definitely necessary so I had to include them. I wear my LL Bean Boots September-March and then any other chance I get. They are great for cold, mud, rain, slush, snow, etc. Other winter boots options:

Dressy Boots (or heels): I decided to include a pair of dressy boots instead of heels because in the cold temps in the Midwest I try to keep as covered as possible. You could do a pair of tall heeled boots, over the knee boots, or heeled ankle boots too!

Rain Boots: I know it probably isn’t necessary to have both winter boots and rain boots in the capsule wardrobe but hear me out. The winter boots are super casual and don’t exactly work with dressier outfits, but rain boots can be dressed up a bit more. Rain boots: here, here and here.

Flats: For the days that it isn’t too cold, classic black flats go with most of my winter wardrobe. They are versatile can be dressed up or down.


Tights (not pictured): Definitely a staple anytime of year but winter especially! Not only do I wear them with skirts and dresses but I also wear them under my jeans on really cold days!

Scarf: Practical and cute! I of course almost always opt for a plaid scarf but a chunky knit would be perfect too. Here are some favorites: here and here

Knit Hat: I started wearing hats regularly and now I’m obsessed. My ears are always freezing and the first thing to hurt in the cold so having a cozy knit hat was a must for me.

Next week I will share the first look at a few outfits from the Winter Capsule! I am already starting to plan the Spring Capsule so if you have any requests or recommendations on styling certain pieces let me know!

9 thoughts on “Winter Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I loved this post– excellent tips and lovely fashion inspiration. Thanks for sharing and I’ll definitely be looking forward to the rest of the blog posts in this series.

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  2. I love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe for the season! Such a good idea. I just moved from NY to LA so I definitely need to get rid of a lot of my warmer things! Do you have any recommendations for good charities I can donate womens clothes to?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is great that you want to donate the stuff you don’t need any more! I would look into the local women’s shelters in your area. I am sure they would be happy to receive your donations 🙂


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