Living Lately No. 34

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a lovely week and that your New Year is still off to a great start! We were hit with a stomach virus Sunday & Monday so I am still trying to catch up on housework and blog content. I am so glad it is a three day weekend and have so much to do, but I am still hoping to spend some time cozy inside enjoying some cocoa and a good book!DSC_1925In case you missed it, I launched a new series on the blog this week- Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe. I will be sharing a new capsule wardrobe each season, you can read about the new series here and see the Winter Capsule here!


  • 10 Healthy Habits to Start: I loved this post. A great reminder and such simple things you can work on every day!!
  • 6 Toxic People to Leave in 2017: Not only is this a great post to help you evaluate the relationships and people in your life and how the impact you, but also a reminder to make sure that you aren’t one of these people for someone else!


  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: How have I not read this already?

Living Taylor Lately

Next Week

  • Winter Capsule Wardrobe: Little Black Dress
  • Enjoying Winter
  • New Routines

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