Wearing Skirts in Fall

Green Turtleneck, Corduroy Skirt, Hunter Boots_1500 - Version 2It may seem completely backwards but I actually enjoy wearing skirts in Fall more than I do in Summer.  Really I am just not a summer person and I generally don’t care for summer colors so once the temp starts to drop and I can break out my fall skirts I am one happy girl.Green Turtleneck, Corduroy Skirt, Hunter Boots_1505I dress up for work 4 days a week so I like to have a variety of skirts and dresses for the season. While I already have a pretty good selection for fall there was one skirt that I was anxious to add to my wardrobe this season: a brown corduroy skirt. Unfortunately this one is sold out but I will be linking similar ones in the details below.Green Turtleneck, Corduroy Skirt, Hunter Boots_1502Living in Nebraska, skirts can be chilly for Fall but paired with the right pieces they can still be a great option. Chunky sweaters, tall boots, tights, and wool jackets paired with a skirt make up some of my favorite looks for fall. Green Turtleneck, Corduroy Skirt, Hunter Boots_1499The right combination of layers can make skirts a perfect option for fall. This has been one of my favorite combos and I am anxious to keep layering as the weather gets colder.

Turtleneck | Scarf (similar), Corduroy skirt (similar here, herehere, and here) | Hunter Boots

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