Finding Our Christmas Tree

DSC_1656This is the 3rd year that Andrew and I have picked out our Christmas tree together and it makes me so happy. To me, there is just something SO special about having a real Christmas tree in our house during this season. The smell is AMAZING and just the act of going to pick out a tree is such a fun way to enjoy this short lived season.DSC_1648The Sunday after Thanksgiving has become our traditional day to go pick out a tree. this year I fully intended to visit a tree farm near by but it just didn’t work out so instead we went to Mulhall’s as we have the past 2 years. They always have an incredible selection of fresh firs and pines.DSC_1651.jpgThe previous 2 years we chose a small trees (5 feet and under) as they just seemed fitting for our little house. While I loved having those little trees I really wanted to get a large “full size” tree. We walked around trying to find the perfect one, still debating on size, and then I finally convinced Andrew we should get one around 6-7ft. We found one that looked picture perfect and it truly is. I’m going to admit though, I miss the little trees. The one we picked out is beautiful but it really does seem like a little much for our small house, but I love it none the less.DSC_1703.JPGNot only do I love going to pick out a tree but I enjoy pulling out our ornaments and spending the evening decorated together. Especially as we put up the ornaments we collect on our travels together.DSC_1695DSC_1699I will admit that the needles of the real tree drive me bonkers as they begin to slowly shed, but there is something so wonderful about having a real tree. I love the look, the adventure picking one out and the wonderful smell that then fills the house.

I know this is a tradition that will continue for us year after year.

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8 thoughts on “Finding Our Christmas Tree

  1. I looove real Christmas trees, they’re the best! Due to a smallish home and a not so smallish chew-everything-in-sight puppy, my husband and I settled for a small table top (real) tree + a pine scented candle that helps make the house smell like Christmas. An okay compromise, I think!

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