3 Ways to Style Hunter Boots

The temperature has started to drop and the past few days have brought on scattered showers meaning it is officially time to break out the Hunter Boots again. While I wear these boots nearly year round, they are a regular from late September to early May when we get a lot of rain, snow and slush. Although they were a bit of a splurge, my Hunter boots have been one of my best purchases. I told myself when I bought them that they would be practical and I would wear them all the time. I mostly told myself that so I wouldn’t feel so bad about the purchase, but I really do wear them ALL the time.

When I first got them I assumed they would just be weekend wear and for super casual days but I soon realized I can wear them with almost anything. Not only do they go with nearly everything, but they are something that I can wear year round. Whether its rainy, snowy, slushy, or just a chillier day, they are a great addition to almost any outfit. So today I am sharing 3 ways to style Hunter Boots to help you get the most out of this iconic boot!

Traditional: Casual Rain WearRainy Day Hunter Boots.jpgObviously these boots are great for rainy days and this is probably the most common look I pair my Hunters with. Jeans, a simple shirt and a waterproof jacket like my Barbour Beadnell or a fun rain coat. Clearly I have a thing for striped shirts like I’m wearing above, but really any comfy tee or sweater under a rain coat is perfect for those wet and gloomy days. (Original posts here and here)

Everyday  Casual Hunter Boots1.jpgEven on days when it isn’t exactly rainy out I will opt for a pair of Hunter Boots. It is super easy to take them from “rain boots” and transform them into a statement piece or wear them as every day boots. You can wear them in place of riding boots with a  blouse/sweater or wear them to add a bit of fun and color to your outfit. Whether you are wearing a button down, sweater or a dressier blouse, they will work.

Dressed UpDressed Up Hunter Boots1.jpgHunter Boots don’t have to be paired with super casual outfits. I often wear mine slightly dressed up, especially for work on rainy or snowy days. In the winter I love pairing them with a casual dress or wool skirt and sweater. It is a great way to remain dressy and “winter weather ready”. As it warms up a bit, but still remains rainy out, they can also go with a light weight spring skirt or dress. (See the original post here)

While these boots are a classic for rainy days they are so much more than just rain boots. I get so much use out of mine and love that they can go with most of my wardrobe. They have become a regular for me and well worth investing in!

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