Sweet Dreams: Chic & Restful Sleep

Andrew and I have been in the process of (slowly) re-doing our bedroom. From getting new furniture, changing the color scheme to hanging art work and most importantly new bedding.

While I spend most of my time at home in the kitchen or out in our living room, to me the bedroom is the most important room to curate and keep feeling cozy and peaceful. It’s the room where we rest and restore ourselves every night as we prepare for a new day. So to me, this room should be a place that helps us relax and achieve a perfectly restful sleep.

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Photo: Crane & Canopy as seen in Southern Living

I am partnering with Crane & Canopy to share a few ways that I achieve a chic and restful sleep every night. From bedding and throws to my nightly routine, I take my sleep VERY seriously and will try just about anything to help me relax and unwind each night.

Sleep is so important for our bodies and for me getting a good nights sleep helps me cope better with stress and anxiety, and helps me have a much easier morning when I wake up!

  • Routine: I have a nightly routine that I try my best to stick to every night. I also try to get to bed around the same time each night to help my body stay on a schedule. Sticking to a routine helps my body know when it is time to rest.
  • Comfy PJs: I am very picky about what I sleep in and it changes with each season. Its important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing. I like my pajamas to be soft, slightly loose and breathable (mostly because no matter the temp outside I like lots of blankets!!) These are my favorite PJs to relax and sleep in, so comfortable and super chic!
  • Herbal Tea: If I am still feeling a little bit “wired” from the day I will brew some herbal tea (hello “Sleepytime”!) and within a few minutes I feel super relaxed and ready to sleep!
  • Essential Oils: I recently started using the doTERRA essential oils diffuser in our bedroom to help relax at night and it works wonders! The first night I used it with a tea tree oil that I had on hand and I slept like a rock (I’ll be sharing more on the diffuser soon).
  • Unplug: I try my best not to get on my phone once in bed (major weakness, especially when I can’t fall asleep) but unplugging greatly helps me zone out at night and just shut off my mind a little.
  • Cozy Bedding: And of course, one of the KEY factors in achieving restful sleep for me is having comfortable bedding! Softness is a major priority in my house! But we also want our bedding to be durable and chic.

Curating a bedroom that is enjoyable to be in and helps relax you is so important! Obviously you want your bedroom to be aesthetically pleasing but you also want it help you achieve a restful and peaceful sleep!

What are some ways you achieve a chic and restful sleep?

Thanks to Crane & Canopy for asking me to share my tips and suggestions! Be sure to check out their bedding!

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