Photography: Taking the Leap

I became interested in photography around my junior/senior year in high school. At the time I didn’t have a fancy camera but I would still take pictures of anything and everything.

Let me be honest, I was not good. I didn’t have this natural talent for capturing beautiful photos. But I kept taking pictures and I kept trying. I would read about photography, cameras and technique and eventually decided to invest in a nice DSLR camera.

I was still learning but I knew if I wanted to really improve I needed the right equipment. Lucky for me, I had friends and family who believed in me and let me do a few sessions for them whether it be family photos or children’s portraits.

And of course my mom, having more faith in me than anyone, allowed me to do my brother and sister’s senior portraits. With every photo and every session I would learn something new.

Unfortunately after graduating from college and moving to Omaha I kind of fell away from photography. Even on my trip to New York I didn’t take my nice camera out with me a single time (mostly because I was afraid of damaging it in the crowds).

Then, a few weeks ago we started to work on a project for decorating our living room which required me to sort through some nature shots I had taken over the past few years. While I am not saying that any of my pictures are amazing, perfect, or National Geographic-esque, there are a few that I hold dear to my heart. It could just be the memories associated with them but someday I want a room with walls covered in these photos that I am so fond of.

Over the years I have had friends and family ask if I had ever considered selling some of my prints for displays/decoration. After sorting through LOTS of old photos I finally decided to take the leap.

Below is a clip from my photography website


This was a big step for me and who knows if anything will actually come of it. If there is something that you have been wanting to do or dreaming about lately, do it! Take a leap and move one step further to achieving your goals and dreams. You will never know what could happen until you take that leap!

5 thoughts on “Photography: Taking the Leap

  1. Omg I love your blog and I am so glad I found you in The College Prepster’s comments, we have so much in common, I love photography and am also an introvert also. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and I am adding you to my favorite bloggers list!

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