March Goals

March Goals:

  • Clean out/organize our closet: With spring right around the corner this is such a great time to go through the closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or never gets worn.
  • Stick with Yoga: I know that starting yoga was my goal for February and while I do plan on keeping each months goals going throughout the year I am using this one again to really make it stick.
  • Make tiramisu: This is just something that I have always wanted to do! It is my favorite dessert and with my birthday at the end of this month it seems like the perfect way to treat myself!


Review of February Goals:

  • Bake something new: Out of my goals this is honestly the one I thought was least likely to happen. With the other 3 goals I actually had plans and time set aside to make them happen whereas this one I just thought I would get to when I had a free afternoon (ha! as if those exist around here). BUT for Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something special for Andrew so I decided to breakfast in bed that Sunday (when we celebrated) so I ended up baking blueberry lemon scones AND chocolate dipped almond biscotti. It wasn’t until after baking them that I realized I had just achieved my goal of baking something new.
  • Finish decorating the house: This one was a challenge only because we had major issues getting the frames that we needed. I wanted to have everything hung up by Valentine’s Day but we hit a bit of a delay. But I can happily say that our living room decorating is complete.
  • Start doing yoga: Moment of honesty…. I did start doing yoga again but not as much as I would have liked… I am still going to keep at it and try to make time for it every week.
  • Organize the basement: The dreaded task. I have definitely made significant progress and even set up a little “home gym” area now that we have more space!

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