Less Is More: Makeup

There are certain things in life that I believe less is more. This is just my opinion but one of those things is makeup.


I have never really been a makeup or hair and beauty person. Even in my phase in high school when I did wear makeup it was neutral tones and natural colors (aka: the makeup you can barely see). If I really felt crazy I would add a little bit or eye-liner or mascara but that was the extent of my make-up.

As I got older make-up just felt like a hassle (and when you are a college student it gets to be expensive). I ended up cutting way back on my make-up routine and for the past three years I have only used two products.

Let me clarify by saying that I am not someone who has naturally gorgeous and blemish free skin. I too get acne, blackheads, and blotchy or dry skin. But I have found that cutting back on the number of products that are applied to my face has made my skin feel so much more healthy.

Besides having healthier skin another reason I cut back on the makeup is because I didn’t ever want to not look like myself. I have several friends who are hardly recognizable when they take their makeup off. By that I’m not saying they are less attractive one way or the other, just that they look like an entirely different person. I never wanted that to be me. I don’t want to be at the gym or out running errands and have someone not recognize me. I would rather look like myself and be seen naturally all the time.

I now have a simplified makeup routine using a liquid foundation and a mineral powder. I don’t always use them together, just one or the other depending on the day. Before drafting this post I would try to go at least one day a week without makeup to give my skin a break. However, this post inspired me to really make a change in my makeup routine and as of yesterday (2/21) I have gone the past 2 weeks without wearing any makeup. My skin has honestly never looked healthier and I feel so much better knowing that I am leaving the house  without makeup.

I’m not saying that makeup is bad and that everyone should do without. I know there will be days that I still choose to wear makeup. But there is something liberating about becoming more comfortable being seen naturally.

So give it a try, cut back on your makeup routine and opt for a slightly more natural look! Your skin will be happy (and so will your wallet)!

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