Summer Highlights

Normally I hate summer. I really don’t like to use the word “hate” but I mean absolutely despise the season, spending 3 months wishing for fall and saying I want to live somewhere else. In all fairness, Nebraska summers really aren’t that fun. The weather often makes it difficult to enjoy time outside (and even time inside for that matter-our A/C was out for 4 days this summer…).  I’m just not typically a warm weather person and would much rather live somewhere that isn’t constantly humid and 90 degrees or warmer.

But, to my pleasant surprise this summer was different. Not the heat and humidity, that part was very much still awful. But this summer was probably one of the more enjoyable summers I have had in a while. With the slow change of season I have been reflecting on this past summer.

Memorial Day Weekend

We started our summer off with a trip back to Kearney and the lake for Memorial Day weekend. It was bitter sweet as it was the last chance my whole family would get to be together until sometime this fall.DSC_1106DSC_1118

Chicago & Kansas City

Then in early June Andrew and I headed to Chicago and Kansas City. Any chance Andrew and I get to travel together I am super thankful for. Not only is it wonderful to have the opportunity to explore new places, but I think traveling with someone is a great bonding and relationship strengthening experience. We tried to fit in as much as we could during our short time in Chicago and expected Kansas City to be pretty uneventful as we were there for a wedding, but we made the most of the trip and enjoyed spending time together and exploring new places.DSC_0102dsc_0136FullSizeRender

Exploring Omaha

I’ve lived in Omaha for over 2 years now, Andrew has lived here for 4, and neither of us feel like we have really explored much of the town. We are like an old couple and have our “regular” places that we like to go to, and otherwise we never really get out much. We have spent the last few weeks determined to branch out and try new places, making it a rule that date night has to be somewhere we have never been. It has been so much fun exploring together; visiting the Farmer’s Market, trying new restaurants and visiting new neighborhoods.DSC_0401Culprit Cafe_2541DSC_0672.JPGIMG_2779.JPG

Lake Weekend

The rest of summer was super busy work wise and I desperately need some down time with Andrew. We headed to the lake for a weekend to relax and enjoy some quality time together. It was so nice to get away from Omaha and our routine and just focus on each other.Date Night at the Lake: White Dress_0463KJP Lobster Sweater_0575DSC_0495

With a wonderful summer coming to a close I can’t wait to see what fall has in store this year. I know it will be a busy season as we already have so much planned but I can’t wait for the excitement and celebrations.

8 thoughts on “Summer Highlights

  1. It has looked like a pretty marvelous summer for you! It’s kind of funny that even after living in a place for a while, I also get so used to my usual places I forget about trying new places.
    And I definitely get the humidity…we have family that lives outside of Omaha and we usually save our trips to see them until the Fall. You go girl for sticking it out!

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