Sun Safety: Clean Favorites for the Whole Family

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to take sun safety more seriously, but it was having Jack that truly encouraged me to make it a part of my daily routine, even in the fall and winter. Not only do I want to protect Jack but I want to take care of myself as well to set a good example for Jack and keep myself healthy for my family.

After switching to clean and safer skincare 2 years ago I started searching for clean sunscreen as well. For my family I prefer to use 100% mineral sunscreen and here’s why:

Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen is absorbed by the skin and seeps into the blood stream. Mineral sunscreen, however, is typically made with zinc oxide which sits on the skins surface and helps the suns harmful rays bounce off of the skin.

The main chemical ingredient to be avoided in sunscreen is oxybenzone. But I prefer to avoid all chemical ingredients in sunscreen like avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. 100% mineral sunscreens use none of these chemicals.

Mineral sunscreen is also far friendlier for the environment. Look for mineral sunscreens that use non-nano zinc oxide and are labeled as reef friendly.

If you prefer to still use chemical sunscreen over mineral sunscreen there are a few “clean” chemical sunscreen options that don’t have oxybenzone (the worst of the chemicals in many sunscreens) in them and I will share a few of those options as well.

Face Favorites

I have sensitive and acne prone skin, so finding an SPF for my face that didn’t feel heavy or cause me to break out was a struggle. This year I discovered Biossance and I really love their mineral face sunscreen. It moisturizes and protects without feeling heavy and it doesn’t cause me to breakout.

A few other mineral options I’ve tried are the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20) from Beautycounter and Supergoop Matte Screen (SPF 40). I liked them both but wanted something without a tinted finish to keep it a little lighter and that could easily be reapplied throughout the day as needed. Beautycounter and Supergoop both have other great mineral sunscreen options for the face worth trying!

I also love using this lip balm which is a mineral SPF balm. I have found it difficult to find a lip balm with SPF that is a mineral formula rather than chemical.

Body Coverage

I have used and loved Beautycounter’s Mineral Sunscreen Mist (SPF 30) and Supergoop’s 100% Mineral PLAY Body Mist (SPF 50) (here is the clean chemical version). I prefer using mists for body coverage. I personally think they are easiest to rub in and get good coverage from. But both Beautycounter and Supergoop have lotion options too. The rest of Supergoop’s collection of sunscreens are a “clean chemical” formula made without oxybenzone, a good semi-clean option if you still want a chemical sunscreen.

For the Kiddos

Since I use 100% mineral sunscreens for myself I feel safe using them on Jack and I have in the past. But since his skin is extra sensitive I still get him his own clean mineral sunscreen made specifically for kids. The two that we regularly use are Pipette’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50) and Supergoop’s Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Spray (SPF 50) you can find the lotion version here. I love them both and even carry a mini bottle of the Pipette sunscreen in my purse for when we need it on the go.

Go the Extra Mile

Sunscreen should always be worn (no matter the season), but there are extra precautions you can take for sun safety. If Jack is outside I always have him in a hat and I often wear one myself. My favorite place to find hats for the family is Rey to Z. They have custom baseball hats for everyone in a variety of colors and patterns. And for cute sunhats for myself I love this packable hat from Tuckernuck and Hat Attack always has great options as well.

If you aren’t wearing a hat, this part powder is a great option to protect your scalp from getting burnt. I keep this on hand and always encourage Andrew to use it when we are outside.

You can also wear UV protective clothing. H&M has a good selection of UPF 50 swimwear and hats for littles. Cabana Life is another great brand for UV protective clothing for the family. They have swimwear and summer wear options for men, women and kids.

Keep sunscreen on hand with you! Like I mentioned earlier, I keep a mini sunscreen in my purse for use on the go. A few great options for easy on-the-go application is the mini sunscreen from Pipette, Supergoop Mineral Sunstick and Beautycounter’s Mineral Sunscreen stick.

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