What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

I spent a lot of time planning and prepping my hospital bag for my delivery with Jack. And in true Taylor fashion, I definitely over packed. I didn’t touch most of what I packed in part because I was an overwhelmed new mom who was only focused on her baby and figuring out motherhood and also because I just didn’t need most of it.

So this time as I packed my bag I kept things simple focusing on necessity and comfort. So here is what I packed and actually used:

Comfortable Pajamas/Clothes & Slippers

LAKE Pajamas are pretty much the only pajamas I wear and I love their maternity/nursing friendly options as well. I packed 2 pairs to take with. I also packed one of my favorite Dudley Stephens in case the room is drafty and wearing one always provides some comfort. I threw in a pair of cozy socks and slip on shoes and called it good.

I also packed a pair of slippers to wear around the room/hospital if needed. I packed my Birdies because they have good support in case I needed to walk around during labor. I packed my loafer pair but looking back I should have packed a pair of slides because my feet were pretty swollen and barely squeezed into them.

Weezie Robe

I only put my robe on once while I was in the hospital. While I wear it ALL the time at home I didn’t wear it much around the hospital. After showering I immediately put my pjs on and I wasn’t to concerned about spending time doing my hair, which is usually when I spend time in my robe.

Toiletries & Postpartum Essentials

Toiletry wise I didn’t use half of what I packed last time because the last thing I was worried about was doing my hair or putting make up on. So this time I’m only bringing the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion, toothbrush and deodorant. And then for postpartum products lansinoh cream, a nursing bra, and nursing pads. The hospital will have everything else I may need for me or baby.

ChappyWrap Blanket

ChappyWrap blankets are my favorite and provide lots of comfort. I bought a midi-size blanket for baby girl so I will be taking it with me to the hospital to use at night and to bring her home in.

Coming Home Outfits

Jack was born in February when it was quite cold out and I really had no idea what to expect of my body and what I would be able to wear home so I packed a few different things. I think I ended up wearing maternity leggings and and oversized maternity sweater. With this baby’s arrival being mid-June and the temps in the high 80s I figured a flowy maternity-friendly dress would probably be my best option. Comfortable and easy to slip on with some slides (because that’s all my feet fit into at the time).

And then of course baby girl needs an outfit to come home in also. I packed two different sizes for her because you just never know with newborns.


One extra item I took with was a nursing pillow. I really struggled with nursing Jack and wanted to make sure I was more prepared and had things to help me be more comfortable.

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