A Summer of Quality Time

Lake Weekend June 2020_0281The past six months have been anything but easy or ordinary. No, this wasn’t the summer I had in mind for us, or even year for that matter. Between our long miscarriage struggle back in February & March, and the ongoing pandemic, our year hasn’t exactly gone as planned, but that’s ok.

Yes, we were “stuck” at home. But we were together. Andrew got an unexpected 2 months “off”. And while he was still working from home to publish papers, we had a lot of extra time together. As a med student that is rare. So we made the most of it. Jack was in heaven having both of us home.

In February we had been planning our summer trips. Thinking of all the places we couldn’t wait to take Jack. We love travel and are so excited to take him to our favorite places and experience new places as a family. But of course all of those trips never happened.

I was bummed we wouldn’t get to experience traveling as a family. Who knows when we will. Instead we had backyard picnics, living room forts, and trips to Andrew’s family’s lake house. And jack loved it all. Every single minute. And that’s what matters.

Jack doesn’t know what’s going on in the world right now. All he knows is that he had a summer full of quality time with the people who love him most.

Kids Dudley Stephens_9679Has it been an easy summer? No, not always. But we have been lucky. This pandemic and confusion hasn’t hit us as hard as others, and I’m trying to remember that even when things haven’t gone as planned.

I’m truly thankful for this summer of quality time that we’ve had. I hope you are able to look on the bright side of things as well and find the silver-lining of this unprecedented summer. 

I’m sure this fall will be full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns, but at least we are together. And that is what matters most.


I would love to hear what you are doing to “normalize” your fall plans or how you are taking advantage of this time together as a family? What exciting things and celebrations do you have planned this season?

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