How I’m Using This Time at Home to Improve My Mood

Being at home for so long has been difficult at times. It would be easy to dwell on all of the things I can’t currently do. Instead I have been using this time to focus on the positive and find little joys in every day. I’ve been spending my days creating an environment that brings me joy and filling my days with activities that make me happy. I wanted to share a few different ways I am making the most of this time at home and using it to improve my mood and outlook.img_6448

KonMari My Surroundings

Spending so much time at home has made me take a good look at my surroundings. I’ve started to declutter, organize and get rid of things around the house. Throughout this process I’ve started to focus more on things that bring me joy. While I know that material items shouldn’t be the center of our joy it makes a big difference when the only pieces you have in your home are either items of necessity or items that truly make you happy. Less clutter=less stress. Once I organized my surroundings I began to truly enjoy being in my home. Each room brings me joy when I walk into it now and see the things I love in a neat and tidy space.

Daily Gratitude

I started making daily gratitude lists. Taking a few minutes each morning to focus on what I’m grateful for starts my day off in the right mindset. Once I realized how helpful it is to make these lists everyday I started journaling. I found this “6 Minute Diary” that has morning and evening reflections on gratitude, positive affirmations, habits and moods. Taking a few minutes each day to focus on the positive and make plans to improve has really helped turn my mood around.

img_5910Slow Down

I never thought of myself as someone living a fast paced life or rushing through my days, especially as a stay at home mom. But this time at home has helped me to slow down even more and just enjoy each moment. I’ve started slowing down in the mornings to enjoy my coffee and play with Jack before starting our day. Don’t rush through your days or long for the weekend. Try to adapt to this slower pace life.

Make Time for Joy

With a clean house, refreshed mind, and nowhere to go I started having more time to do things I enjoyed. This time at home is perfect for hobbies or just doing what you love. Whether that be needlepoint, reading, completing a puzzle or sitting quietly with a cup of tea, make time each week for the things that bring you joy. Lately I have been spending a lot more of my time baking, reading with a nice warm tea in hand and I just ordered a set of watercolor paints. These little moments throughout the week brighten each day.

How are you spending this unusual time at home?

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