Engaging Playtime with Lovevery

DSC_0988Motherhood is full of worries and stress. “Are they eating enough?”, “Are they eating too much?”, “Do we spend enough time being active?”, “Are they getting enough sleep?”. The worries are never ending. Very early on I began to worry if we had the right toys to help Jack engage and learn. And once he became more interactive I wanted to make sure we were really engaging him in a way that would help strengthen his developmental skills. I began spending a lot of time researching developmental milestones and different toys to aid them. Nothing seemed to hold his interest or engage him for very long.DSC_0974Then, for Jack’s first birthday my mom got him a subscription to Lovevery and it has been a game changer for us. Lovevery is a subscription service of play kits, filled with toys and activities for infants and toddlers. Each box is curated toward the child’s age and developmental stage to help them engage and hone in on their developing skills. It has taken the guess work out of finding the right toys for Jack.img_6533I was amazed at how perfectly curated the first play kit was. He was immediately engaged and fascinated by the different toys, puzzles and books. He was excited and entertained in a way I had rarely seen before. Not only that but he was also so proud each time he figured out one of the new activities.

After the second play kit arrived and Jack continued to be intrigued and excited by his new toys I new it was worth it. I started wishing we had signed up for the subscription from day one.

Not only are they toys that help his development but they are also safely made for babies using non-toxic materials. They are toys you can feel good about knowing they are both safe, educational and age appropriate . I have felt a sense of relief since we started using Lovevery, knowing that Jack is playing with toys that are helping him to learn and develop.img_6516If you are on the fence about Lovevery for your little one, or looking for the PERFECT gift for an expecting mom I cannot recommend this subscription enough! You won’t regret it and you will LOVE seeing your little one light up as they play and learn!

Thanks, Nonna for the perfect gift!


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