Living Lately No. 53

img_5910Happy Friday everyone! With Mother’s Day this weekend I am looking forward to a relaxing day with my boys. I will likely spend the day in my pajamas, snuggled up with coffee in hand while I play and read with Jack.

I hope you are all surviving this time at home, staying healthy and safe. Lots to share this week as its been a while since I’ve posted a weekly review. And I’m so excited to share this Friday’s Feature as well!


  • How to Support a Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day: As someone who recently went through a miscarriage I loved the ideas in this post. Regardless of the type of loss you have suffered or if you have other children, Mother’s Day after suffering a loss is a struggle. Especially the first one. So if you know a grieving mother be sure to reach out this weekend.
  • How to Decline Playdates During Social Distancing: With so many states beginning to re-open I’m sure people will be anxious to resume their normal activities. Andrew and I however have decided to remain at home with Jack for the time being as our state is still increasing in cases. This post is great for guiding you through this awkward time of declining social gatherings with your littles.
  • Inspiring Imaginative Play in Toddlers: I am always looking for ways to help Jack learn as his plays. Its important to me that he learn to use his imagination but also engage in play that aids his developmental milestones. I loved reading Sarah’s post about resources and toys to help spark imaginative play in toddlers.

Loving Lately

  • ChappyWrap Blankets: I finally jumped on the ChappyWrap bandwagon and I am so glad I did. I’ve been snuggled up in it nearly non-stop since it arrived. It truly is the perfect blanket.
  • Olive & June Nail Polish: I had been hearing great things about Olive & June nail polish and decided I wanted to give it a try. I usually have such a hard time getting my at home manis to last any longer than 4-5 days. My first attempt with Olive & June lasted over a week before it started to chip. If you are someone who prefers to do their own nails like me or can’t make it to the salon during the lockdown, you definitely need to try Olive & June! (Wearing the color “GH” in the photo above)

Friday Feature

Ailsa (Happy Go Curly)

I’m so excited to feature Ailsa this week. She is such a joy to follow! It honestly feels like you are talking to your best friend. She is funny, down-to-earth, extremely knowledgable on women’s healthcare and always has the greatest fashion finds!

She is a fellow Dudley Stephens lover and currently lives on the East Coast. I love her positivity and joy. I always look forward to following along on her daily walk and her Women’s Health Wednesdays. She is exactly what I need to see on social media. Ailsa is such a great role-model and truly a breath of fresh air. I hope you will love following along with her just as much as I do!

Living Taylored Lately

Coming Up

  • Dudley Stephens Guide
  • Lovevery Review

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