Eight Things to Do At Home During ‘Social Distancing’

img_3293There is so much skepticism right now about Covid-19 and what is actually necessary. While I feel like most people around me are very polarized in terms of full on avoidance and others couldn’t care less about what is happening, I am in the middle trying to educate myself before over-reacting or taking action.

If you are like me and confused about what is going on or overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information, this post is a great place to start. After taking the past 2 days to educate myself on what is happening I’ve decided to keep Jack and I home for the time being. Not because I am afraid that I am going to get sick but because I don’t want to be the carrier or someone who infects others who wouldn’t handle the virus well. The less we are out and interacting with others the less likely the virus is to spread.

While I’m not a medical professional or trying to advocate for a certain approach, I encourage you to take time to educate yourself and as always, make healthy choices. If you are like me and have decided to stay home for the time being, you may already be thinking “what am I going to do with all this time at home?”. So today I am sharing different activities you can do from home to help pass this time in fun and productive ways!

Meditate: What better time to focus on self-care? This is a stressful time for us all as we try to navigate this new normal. Whether you are working from home or  staying home with the kids finding balance and changing your routine may be overwhelming. Take some time each day to meditate and reflect or journal. I love using the Headspace app everyday for either a guided meditation or a soothing sleep track. You can read my full Headspace reflection here.

Read: Take advantage of being “stuck” inside and catch up on reading. I know I have a stack of books that are calling my name that I plan to dive into. If you don’t have books on hand you can still download eBooks & Audiobooks. If you have a library card you can download the app Libby and check out eBooks or Audiobooks for free through your local library. You can also use iBooks if you have an iPhone to download and purchase books.

Spring Cleaning: This may not be the funnest option, but you will end up feeling refreshed and productive. If you are going to be spending all of your time inside wouldn’t a clean and tidy home be more enjoyable? I plan on spending time each day working on tidying and organizing. I definitely feel better when my surroundings are in order.

Stay Active: Being cooped up inside will inevitably wear you down. We still need ways to move and release our energy. While heading to the gym may not be an option right now we still have options to  move. Get out for walks/runs, start your morning with yoga at home or use an app on your phone to get in a circuit work. A few apps I would recommend checking out are Aaptiv, 7 Minute Workout, SWEAT, and Daily Yoga.

Streaming Marathons: I have a feeling a LOT of people will be binge watching movies and series on Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services. Given the current heaviness I would suggest sticking to something light and funny. A few favorites are Schitts Creek, Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & Parks and Recreation.

Learn Something New: Use this as an opportunity to learn something new or enhance a certain craft or hobby you already have. Use an app to learn a new language (like DuoLingo), watch a series on MasterClass (I love the Thomas Keller courses!!), or try a new hobby like painting, needlepoint, knitting, etc. Use this as an opportunity to keep learning, growing and use your creative and intellectual sides!!

Make Time For Fun:  Break out of your routine and try to enjoy this time at home with your family. If you don’t have games and puzzles on hand order some via Amazon Prime so you can enjoy them over the next few days/weeks as we stay in! Have dance parties with your kiddos and make time for PLAY (for both you and them). Don’t let being stuck in side get you down. Enjoy this opportunity to do what you love or be at home with the people you love!

Get Outside: Just because we are supposed to avoid public spaces doesn’t mean we can’t spend time outside. Go for a walk or run and enjoy some fresh air. If the weather is nice and you have littles head outside with chalk and bubbles. Fresh air and time outside will be important for your mental health during this time of isolation and it will help your kiddos release some energy as well.

Before having Jack I would have loved the idea of working remotely or having a break from work. But the novelty of that would of course wear off, just as it will now. This will not always be easy to navigate, especially when being isolated from others. Try your best to stay positive and make time for activities at home that you enjoy! What are you doing to make these days at home more enjoyable?

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