In The Kitchen With My Mini

DSC_0099Before kids were anywhere near my future I used to dream of the day that I could spend an afternoon in the kitchen baking and cooking with them. When I had Jack people would often talk about the bond that he and Andrew will share. Telling me that I would have more fun with a girl that I could bond with, dress up and match with. I never believed that having a boy would be any less fun than having a girl. I still get to bond with him, dress him up and even match him.DSC_0109From a very young age Jack has always showed interest in what we do in the kitchen. I knew he would end up being my little buddy in the kitchen so I was anxious to finally share an afternoon baking with him.DSC_0104Of course he is still too little to be much help in the kitchen but he sure did enjoy snacking on the chocolate for the cookies while I did all the work. I can’t wait for the days that he can help me mix, measure and create something fun.

Even though he is still to little to really be involved I wanted to make him feel like he was helping. We helped him watch every step so he could see how the ingredients change what is in the mixing bowl and we let him throw in a few of the chocolate chunks too (which he mostly tried to eat). The more I involve him now I hope the more likely he is to want to help in a few years. It was a great activity for him and kept us busy. Plus he loved testing the end result 😉 I’m thinking this weekend we will make some scones together to enjoy Mother’s Day morning!DSC_0122Until then I will enjoy these little moments with my mini in our matching Striped Sheep shirts

I was so excited when I discovered the Striped Sheep. As a fellow boy mom, Karen wanted to create shirts that she could match her boys in. There are lots of fun striped color ways perfect for moms of boys or girls! Jack and I are wearing the Isabel in Navy (here is the children’s version). We also have the Pablo in natural which I love as well!

Here’s to many more moments like this with my mini!

Special thank you to Karen from the Striped Sheep for our fun matching shirts!

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