Lightweight Jackets for Spring

If you know me or regularly read the blog you know that jackets are my weakness. I know that I have far too many but I can’t help it. In Nebraska I wear a jacket about 9 months out of the year so I feel like the jacket is often the only part of my wardrobe you see (this is me trying to justify my ever-growing collection). Anyways, because I wear them so often there are certain jackets that have become absolute favorites.

TrenchTrench, Lace Blouse 2

A classic trench is great for any season but I definitely get the most use out of mine in spring and fall. It is the perfect light weight piece to go with any outfit, casual or dressy. I have this trench from London Fog that comes with a detachable quilted liner that you can use for extra warmth on particular chilly days. The hood is also detachable which I love. I keep it on most of the time, but if I need to be a bit dressier I can easily take it off!

Barbour Beadnell

This jacket will forever be a favorite. Its cute, comfortable, waterproof and surprisingly warm for being a lighter weight jacket. It is one of those items that I don’t think you can know how truly great it is until actually having one. I know it is a popular item but definitely worth it and it lives up to the hype. I wear mine pretty much year round. You can see a few ways I have styled it here, here and here.

Field JacketLands End Lookout_0304This is probably one of my most reached for jackets spring through fall. it is the perfect lightweight layer for cooler evenings and crisp spring or fall days.

Denim JacketGolden Gate Botanical Garden_0390I loved my denim jacket when I was in grade school and I’m so glad that they are popular again. Perfect for casual summer outfits, a denim jacket looks great with white jeans and sundresses. I also love the look of a colored denim jacket too like white, black or a fun statement color!

Classic Raincoat

A traditional raincoat is perfect for spring. A classic yellow raincoat is my personal favorite but there are tons of fun options. I love this coat in yellow & red. This pink coat is perfect and this casual raincoat comes in tons of colors.

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