Red Rain Boots

The past few weeks here have been nothing but chilly, rainy and cold. I really don’t mind rainy days, I kind of enjoy them actually, and they are an excuse to break out my favorite Hunter boots. Even though I absolutely love my Hunter boots I had been eyeing these red rain boots since December (last worn here).

Rainy days can be hard to dress for and I thought a bright color would be fun on such a gloomy day. Even though I thought they were such a fun piece I convinced myself I didn’t really need them. I kept eyeing them and debated whether or not I should order them. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was celebrating my birthday with my parents and opened a box with them in it 🙂

Since it had been so wet and rainy out I didn’t waste any time and wore them out that night to get ice cream.

Red Boots

Because I’m sneaky I kind of already knew I would be getting them for my birthday so I had these boots in mind when I ordered this striped shirt. The color matches perfectly with the boots and I know it will be a shirt that I can wear year round. Plus, it’s striped. I have already admitted my addiction to all things striped so with or without the boots I couldn’t resist.

Red Rain Boots

My closet has honestly never seen so much red as it is usually a color I avoid wearing, but suddenly I can’t get enough. I usually stick to neutrals but with spring weather slowly making an appearance brighter colors have been on my mind.

What are your favorite bright colors for spring?

Jacket: Barbour  (also here)| Striped Shirt: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew Factory | Rain Boots: Jack Rogers (last seen here)

Thanks to my sweet and lovely mom for taking these photos!

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