Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Botanical Garden_0355On our second day in San Francisco we had plans to explore Golden Gate Park. It is truly a huge area (like Central Park in NYC) with so much to see and do. We grabbed coffee and pastries from Butter Love Bakery and headed to the park for breakfast. Right after parking we came across a lovely spot with fountains and rows of Joshua Trees.Golden Gate Park_0400.JPGGolden Gate Park_0399After enjoying our breakfast we wondered over to the gardens trying to decide between the Japanese Tea Garden or the SF Botanical Garden. Honestly I would have loved to do both but I didn’t think Andrew would enjoy it quite as much. We decided on the Botanical Garden. It seemed bigger and offered a variety of geographically regional gardens.Golden Gate Botanical Garden_0352Golden Gate Botanical Garden_0349It was a gorgeous morning, perfect for wandering around and enjoying some time outside. I could have spent hours wandering around the park admiring the plants and landscaping.Golden Gate Botanical Garden_0363

The Botanical Gardens were filled with so many beautiful spots and paths. I’m so glad we chose to explore this area. It wasn’t at all crowded and at times it even seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves, it was so peaceful!Golden Gate Botanical Garden_0354Golden Gate Botanical Garden_0390There were so many other places with in the park that I would have loved to visit but had decided to spend our afternoon by the piers so we couldn’t fit it all in. If we get the chance to go again I will definitely reserve more time for exploring Golden Gate Park!

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket: Old Navy | Striped Shirt: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew | Loafers: GH Bass

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