2018 Intentions: How To Get Back On Track (Feb. Reflection)

February definitely flew by and I’m not going to lie, my intentions and goals that I set at the beginning of this year did not go well this month. I intended to format these monthly reviews in the same way each month but since February’s progress was non-existent I am going to do this a little differently and talk about getting off track of goals and how to deal.

Setting goals can be a great way to keep us motivated and help us accomplish something new or important, but goals don’t always go as planned. This is a struggle for me because I thrive on consistency and plans. So when you set goals, big or small know that they may not always turn out the way you expected or they may take longer. But the important thing is that if they don’t work out or you get off track that you stay positive and try again. So Today I am sharing some tips on how to get back on track with your goals.

Stay Positive

It’s easy to get discouraged when goals don’t go as planned. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Stay positive and remain confident that eventually you can reach or maintain your goals.


If your goals aren’t going as planned maybe you need to re-evaluate. Are you taking on too much, putting to much pressure on yourself, or setting unrealistic goals? Take some time to think about your current goals and how you could alter or make changes to help you stick to them.

Make A Plan

Take the time to actually make a plan to see your goals through. Saying you want to eat healthy 4 day a week is one thing, but suddenly its Friday and you haven’t eaten healthy yet that week, things like that happen. Instead of jut saying “I want to eat healthier” or ” I want to get organized”, make a descriptive plan to help your goal come to fruition.  For example “eat healthy M,W, Th, & F” or “spend 30 minutes a day organizing the house”. Those are actual plans to help reach a broad goal and help you stick to it.

Tell Someone

Telling someone about your goals and plans can be a great way to stick to it. This way you can have someone to hold you accountable or at least to confide in about what you are trying to accomplish. Better yet if you can find someone with the same goal and help keep each other motivated and on track.

I am going to take some time to do these things to get back on track with my goals and intentions for March. What are some ways you get back on track with your goals and stay motivated?

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