Dressing For You

DSC_0031For 7 years I wore a school uniform. Of course we had the occasional “dress down” day and I wore regular clothes on the weekends, but after graduating from the uniform it took me a while to really figure out my own personal style. Honestly it wasn’t until the past year that I really started to feel like I understood my own sense of style.Bow Boots & Cardigan-Red Phone Booth1But I would be lying if I said that I still sometimes get a little lost or confused about what is truly “me” or what I like. You know that feeling when you find something you think you like and ask yourself “is this me?”. You don’t have to have one specific sense of style or theme. If you feel comfortable in something and truly love it, then yes, “it is you”, even if it is different or atypical for you!DSC_0029Something else I use to let interfere with my choices was the opinion of others. You know when you point out something you like and someone says “that doesn’t look like you” or “I can’t see you in that”. I used to let that stop me from wearing things that I enjoyed or truly liked. Don’t get me wrong I love getting ideas and input from others, but what matters most is if you feel comfortable in something and like the way it looks, that matters most.DSC_0026It took me a long time to realize this. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing, what the current trends are, or what may or may not “look like you” according to someone else. Style is a way to express yourself, so focus on what makes you feel best!DSC_0041.jpgCardigan (similar) | Sweater | Jeans | Boots (also available here and here)

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