Favorite Products of 2017

One of my goals for 2018 is to cut back on spending and start saving more consistently. I am trying to commit to keeping my purchases simple and necessary, sticking to products I know that I need or will use regularly. This got me thinking about my 2017 purchases and the items that I have absolutely loved that have been a combination of necessary, useful, and helpful. I know we are already a week into the new year but I wanted to share a roundup of some of my favorite products and purchases from 2017.Favorite Products of 2017.JPG


I have always been a fan of reusable cups. I drink my water out of a tumbler all day long, but I struggled to find a reusable coffee cup that I truly liked. They either leaked, were WAY to small, or didn’t keep the coffee or tea warm. Then I discovered the byta and have been so pleased with it. Its just big enough and keeps my coffee/tea warm throughout the day so I don’t have to reheat several times. Reusable cups are much better on the environment and this byta is definitely worth having!!

Lake Pajamas

These pajamas are the SOFTEST things ever. I knew I was going to love them and after I ordered my first pair and saw just how comfortable they were I had to refrain from ordering them in every style. Right now I have a shorts set but I definitely want to get a long sleeve pant set. They are super well made and definitely worth the price tag!

Native Deodorant

My mother-in-law found this natural deodorant and thought I might want to try it out. I wasn’t too sure at first and felt like it just wasn’t working. But after about 2 weeks I started to notice the difference and now I absolutely LOVE it. I use the Coconut Vanilla but they have several other scents and make it for men too!

DoTerra Diffuser and Essential Oils

I tiptoed around ordering essential oils for far too long. I first started looking into it in June and then finally ordered in October. BEST DECISION EVER. I mostly use it at night as I am going to bed (either the Serenity blend  or Lavender), but I also really love using the more invigorating and uplifting scents during the day in my diffuser at work.

FAB Mattifying Gel

I tried to take skin care really seriously this year. I feel like I tried just about everything under the sun (seriously, you should see my linen closet) and there were very few products that I ended up loving and consistently using. This oil-free mattifying gel is amazing. I have acne prone skin and have to be extra picky about what moisturizers I can use. This one keeps my skin from drying out without causing more breakouts and leaves my skin with a nice dewy look.

Hair Mask

After taking a trip to the DryBar in June I vowed to take better care of my hair. This mostly included staying on top of getting it trimmed but I also wanted to start using products that would keep it healthy and protect it from the heat I use on it almost daily. I started using this Moroccanoil Restorative mask in August and I truly love it. My hair has been so much healthier since then.

Supergoop SPF Setting Spray (not pictured)

I just ran out of this and haven’t picked up a new bottle yet so its not in the photo above. I picked  up this SPF 50 setting spray before our trip to Chicago in June because I knew I would be outside a lot and in general I should be wearing sunscreen more often. I always avoid it because I have super acne prone skin so it always makes me break out. However this setting spray with SPF was the perfect product for me. Its light on my face, keeps me from getting burnt and doesn’t cause me to break out at all. Its the perfect SPF product!

These are all products that I use almost daily and I know I will continue to use them regularly this year. I want to focus on quality products and purchases this year and I know these all qualify!

What are some of your favorite products that you use everyday?



7 thoughts on “Favorite Products of 2017

  1. I love primary pure deodorant! It works so good🙌🏻❤️
    I tried to take better care of my hair….I got one trim in a year 😫better luck this year.
    I also love origins vita zing spf moisturizer with sheer tint release. So refreshing and not heavy at all.

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