Living Lately: Kicking Off 2018

DSC_1802.JPGHappy Friday, the first Friday of 2018! I hope this first week of the New Year has been a great one for you all. We have been experiencing subzero temps this past week so I am looking forward to a cozy weekend at home! Normally I keep these Friday posts short and sweet and use them as a quick review/update of the week and the blog but there was so much I wanted to share this week as we kick off 2018.

SO many people begin every year with resolutions, goals, dreams, and intentions. I do it myself and yet I still have this internal eye roll reaction whenever I read the word “resolutions”. I know that is beyond hypocritical of me, but I think it comes from my own self-disappointment in not always sticking to my “resolutions”.

I know it isn’t realistic to wake up on Jan. 1st of the new year and suddenly be a super healthy person or devote all your free time to reading, volunteering, or meal prepping, etc. Resolutions are a gradual process. They take time, hard work, and patience. Because of this, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to only making resolutions once a year. It is something that in order to see a change or improvement we need to constantly be working on and committed to.

So in hopes of providing some resolution inspiration I am sharing a few posts and articles that I read this past week that I hope will serve as inspiration for you to stay on track with your resolutions and goals this year. And like I mentioned in Monday’s post about my own 2018 Intentions I will again be doing monthly reviews/updates to help track my progress and stay motivated.


20 Resolution Ideas: These ideas have nothing to do with loosing weight which is often a common theme for resolutions. Take a list at these ideas and see what you could work on this year!

7 Things You Can Do Now to Start the New Year Less Stressed: Such a great list of things to tackle first to help the new year start off on the right foot!

4 Ways to Make 2018 a Success: I loved Bryn’s ideas for sticking to your goals throughout the year.


If your goal is getting healthy this year, here are a few articles for inspiration:

20 Whole 30 Recipes to Prep

What Does Clean Eating Really Mean

5 Pieces of Gear You Need to Get in Gym Quality Shape


Reading more is always a goal and priority of mine. My friend Caitlin, along with her friend Katie, is hosting a 2018 Blogger Book Club. It will feature a new book each month varying in genre. If you are interested in joining read more about it here.

Reese’s Book Club: Reese Witherspoon has a book club and it is fantastic. You can follow along here to keep track of her book picks and occasional talks with the authors!


Positive Affirmation Passwords: If there is one thing I am truly bad at it is thinking positively towards myself. It is always something I am trying to work on and I love hearing about new ways to improve positivity and affirmations. As soon as I read this post I new I needed to try it.


5 Steps to Creating a Budget: This is probably my biggest and most challenging goal of 2018. I did SO good in 2016 and then 2017 kind of just fell apparat budget wise. But now I am planning to get back on track a stick to a budget. If you have the same goal this post is super helpful! I will be sharing more about my budget plan and progress along the way!

What are some of your goals for this year or month? What do you do to stay motivated and encouraged?

12 thoughts on “Living Lately: Kicking Off 2018

  1. Fingers crossed we both stick to our budget plans. Also, I’ve been meaning to look into the book club and definitely am adding it my to do list this week 🙂

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