Living Lately No. 32

This has been quite an interesting week and I am looking forward to the weekend. I am hoping to finish up with wrapping gifts and then enjoying some festive holiday fun like admiring Christmas lights and maybe putting together a gingerbread house with Andrew. I can’t believe Christmas is just over a week away!IMG_6577.jpgIs everyone ready for the holidays? How are you spending this last week before Christmas?


Living Taylored Lately:

Next Week:

  • Christmas Downtown
  • Festive Looks
  • 2 Years of Marriage

Next Year:

  • I am working on my content calendar for the next year and brainstorming ideas. I am hoping to make some changes to the blog and share a new series. As always, I LOVE to hear from all of you! What would you like to see this next year? Are there certain types of posts you particularly enjoy or have any specific post requests? Let me know! And as always, thanks for reading and being on this journey with me!

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