Holiday Bucket List

Christmas CookiesDecember is flying by and while I was highly anticipating this time of year I don’t feel like I have done very much to truly enjoy the season. Christmas is only 2 weeks away so I am making a holiday bucket list for myself to make sure I do all that I can to enjoy this short lived season.

Make Holiday Cookies

While we already decorated cookies with my family the weekend after Thanksgiving I am anxious to make more holiday treats (or maybe decorated a gingerbread house)! I love making festive treats to share with family, friends and coworkers.

Holiday Movie Night

There are SO many great holiday movies that I love to watch and just not enough time to watch them (full disclosure: there are a few I watch year round, I just can’t help it!). Planning a holiday movie night is the perfect way to make sure that we get to watch out favorites. A few that will be on the list: The Grinch (both versions), The Holiday, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Most Wonderful Time of the Year. What are your favorite holiday movies to watch?

Christmas Lights Tour

Every year I love to drive through our favorite neighborhoods at night with hot cocoa in hand admiring all of the beautiful Christmas lights and festive decor. It is a fun and cozy way to enjoy the season.

Ice Skating

Omaha always has a few outdoor rinks scattered throughout town during the holiday season and this year there are THREE near our house. My family goes ever year during New Year’s Weekend so I will definitely go at least once but I am hoping to fit in at least one other trip.

There are so many fun ways to celebrate and while I have already decorated the house (and the tree) I am anxious to keep things festive! What other fun and festive things should I add to my list to celebrate this season?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket List

  1. Yes to ice skating!! This time of year it’s just especially fun. A little jealous that you’ve got *three* rinks close to you! Living out the middle of nowhere, husband and I will have to wait till we visit family in Kansas City to check this off our list.

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