Fall Staples

This is truly my favorite time of year for many reasons but one of which is that the style of clothes in fall is my preferred style- light layers, knits, earth tones, etc. I would be happy living in a place where I could get away with wearing my fall clothes the majority of the year.

Weather in Nebraska can be a bit unpredictable especially in the “cooler” months; Sunny and 75 one day with chilly rain showers the next. While fall here may not be quite as typical as places with more “stable” weather, there are still a few staples pieces that I wear regularly throughout the season.

Lightweight JacketDSC_0385Fall days here can still be pretty warm but mornings and evenings are quite chilly so I wear light weight jackets all season long. Jackets like field and denim are great for days that aren’t too chilly or when you plan on wearing them all day (including indoors). For typical fall outerwear I always gravitate towards a classic trench or my Barbour Beadnell both of which are especially great for those damp fall days. This year I added a lighter quilted jacket to my wardrobe as well and I know it will be great for cooler fall days.

KnitsCream Sweater & Riding Boots_0665 - Version 2Ah, sweater weather. I’ve said before that jackets are my main weakness but I think its actually sweaters. If it is cream or cable knit, you can almost guarantee it will be coming home with me. No matter how many sweaters I have I always find a reason for another (“this one is fitted”, “the knitting pattern is different”, “this one is great for layering”). I need help, I know… But this time of year having a few good quality knits on hand is a must. I like to have sweaters in a variety of colors and thickness that way they can be worn on both warmer and cooler days. I will be sharing a review of my favorite sweaters in the coming weeks but a few good ones for fall are the LL Bean Double L Cable Knit and the J Crew Everyday Cashmere Crewneck.

Wool SkirtsGold Skirt_0643 - Version 2.jpgI know some people don’t like to wear skirts or dresses once it gets chillier out but I love a good wool skirt. Plus I have to have a few on hand to wear to the office, so avoiding skirts and dresses in cooler months isn’t an option for me. I always opt for wool skirts that can be dressed up or down and easily paired with a variety of shoes like flats/heels for warmer days or riding boots, Hunter boots, or dressy boots depending on the weather. Wool skirts are a bit warmer so they are great for chilly fall days but you can pair them with tights for extra warmth. Other than wool I also love a good corduroy skirt for fall and winter. You can find a few of my favorites this season here, here and here.

Weatherproof BootsBean Boots_0705Whether it is raining, snowing or muddy from past precipitation (or just really cold), having a good pair of weather proof boots is always a great idea for fall/winter. A few boots that I wear regularly throughout fall are my Hunter rain boots and my LL Bean Boots. Hunter boots are great for nearly all occasions as I even wear them with casual skirts and dresses (as seen here). My Bean Boots I usually save for more casual days or if I need something a bit sturdier if I know I will be doing a lot of walking around. Riding boots are also a fall classic. While I never wear mine trekking through the rain or snow (if I can avoid it) I still “weatherproof” mine to help protect them from the elements.DSC_0608 - Version 2


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