September Goals

Yay, it is finally September which means we are so much closer to Fall! Unfortunately, here in Nebraska weather really doesn’t start to cool down much until the end of September but that won’t stop me from enjoying all things fall!toastContinuing this years challenge of setting monthly goals for myself and its time for another month. Setting goals at the beginning of every month has been such a great way to push myself and focus on improving/making changes/trying new things!

How did August’s Goals go?

  • Drink More Water: I think this was my most successful goal so far. I started the month out by trying to drink at least 9 cups of water everyday (and more when I was outside or super active). To help stay on track I used my FitBit app to log my water intake throughout the day. Every time I finished a glass or my 24ox tumbler I would mark it in the app. I felt so much better after increasing my water intake.
  • Eating Right: I made this a goal because it has become clear to me that there are certain foods that my body doesn’t process well. While I wasn’t 100% successful in fulfilling this goal (I still occasionally ate the things that I know I should void) I still made an effort to cut back and really listen to what my body needed in terms of food and nourishment.
  • Meditate Before Bed: This goal was a game changer. I made it half way through the month without missing a night of meditating and then the last half of the month I missed a few days here and there. But I will say that when I am consistent with meditation, I notice a huge difference. I’ll share more on that soon!

Now for this months goals…

September Goals

  • Major House Purge: Last week I wrote about having too many things and not letting our happiness/self worth rely on what we own. So this month I want to really go through our whole house and get rid of what we don’t use and don’t need.
  • Try 3 New Recipes: Fall and winter are my favorite times to cook/bake. I just love the recipes that are so comforting this time of the year. We have a dinner party coming up next week so I want to start testing out a few contenders.
  • Finish 2 Books: I have started to slack on reading again. I was doing great mid-summer and then got distracted. So this month I want to make sure I finish at least 2 books. Any suggestions?

What are your goals this month?

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