Summer Reading Review

My summer reading has really been lacking. I didn’t get nearly as much read as I had hoped but there is still a little summer left to knock out a few on my list. We are heading to the lake in a few days and I am hoping to read by lake a bit. While I didn’t read as much as I had hoped this summer I did cross a few off my list. I am always looking for good book recommendations so I thought I would share a few of my recent reads.FullSizeRender

The Zookeeper’s Wife: I really enjoyed this book. I feel weird saying that given that it is about WWII and a bit of a hard one to get through emotionally. While it is written about true events it reads more like a novel. I found the story very interesting and fascinating but given the subject matter it was sometimes hard to read a significant amount at a time. If you are someone who prefers non-fiction and history I think this is a great read. And if you are someone who tends to stick to non-fiction books, I think this is a good transition novel because it reads so much like any other fiction book.

The Woman in Cabin 10: I had heard great things about this book and couldn’t resist giving it a try. I usually stay away from thrillers because I get scared so easily. Really though, CSI is too much for me to handle, I don’t like thrillers at all. But I couldn’t resist this one. It was hard to get into at first, not for lack of a good story but because I was just too paranoid. Eventually though, I could not stop reading it. I was so intrigued by what was going on that I couldn’t wait to figure it all out. If you are someone who likes thrillers I absolutely recommend this book.

*A friend from high school worked on this book at the publishing company and said that her new book “The Lying Game” is even better. I just might have to pick that up next!

Polish Your Poise: I almost didn’t include this one because it isn’t your typical read. It is a “How To” book rather than a novel or story but I really enjoyed reading it. It highlights the importance and significance of poise (something society seems to be lacking). Covering everything from dressing well, hostess/guest manners, presenting yourself, and etiquette. Definitely a great lesson on class, poise, and self-respect and an easy read too.

I am currently reading Big Little Lies (I know… another thriller, what am I thinking?). I have heard too much about it not to give it a go and so far its great. What are some other great books I should add to my list?


7 thoughts on “Summer Reading Review

  1. I’m happy you enjoyed The Woman in Cabin Ten! I’m the same way with Thrillers, it tends to be a bit hard to read at first because I get so freaked out. I’m halfway through the Zookeepers Wife, and I’ve been wondering about Big Little Lies. I just read The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarity, and I was so surprised by the twists.
    There’s so many good books out there to read!

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