Favorite Coffee Recipes

DSC_0220I’ve said before that I have a major love of all things coffee. Coffee drinks, coffee scented candles, espresso caramels, coffee ice cream… you get the picture. Now that I have been determined to utilize our little coffee bar that we have at home I have been trying new drink recipes and of course other tasty recipes involving coffee and baked goods, because why not, really?DSC_0217

Iced Coffee (recipe here)

I am sure you are thinking how hard is it to pour coffee over ice, right? True, I could just brew a pot of coffee and let it cool before pouring it over ice but this recipe is so much better. It is an actual cold brew coffee that steeps over night. Plus, it makes a bulk batch. Because more coffee=better.DSC_0219

Dulce de Leche Coffee (recipe here)

For those cold winter days when you are craving a delicious warm drink. Some days hot chocolate just doesn’t cut it, but this sweet coffee drink surely will. A combination of chocolate, dulce de leche and whipped cream mixed with coffee, what more could you need?

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe here)

These were my FAVORITE as a child and they are still my favorite. Luckily my husband loves them just as much as I do because they are the only kind of cookie I ever make. *Recipe note: I use about 3/4 of the chocolate the recipe calls for to allow for a little more “cookie” in each bite and same with the walnuts, I use about half or sometimes omit them entirely.

Double Coffee Affogato

An affogato is simply coffee and ice cream, but it is 100% amazing. While traditionally made with vanilla ice cream I opt for coffee ice cream, big surprise. Pretty much my favorite thing. All you need is 2 scoops of coffee ice cream (or your flavor of choice) and 2 shots of espresso (or extra strong coffee). Place the ice cream in a mug and pour the espresso over. I like to top with a pirouette cookie or biscotti for an extra treat.

BiscottiCoffeeThe perfect addition to a warm coffee beverage. I have tested out a few different recipes and these are my favorites so far!

Coffee Ice Cream (recipe here)

Perhaps my favorite of all coffee related recipes is coffee ice cream. While I can of course get this from the store  (Trader Joe’s had THE BEST) I love making it at home too. This recipe has been the best at home coffee ice cream recipe I have tried. The coffee flavor is strong without the ice cream becoming too icy. Too make it even better, use this coffee ice cream to make the double coffee affogato listed above!

Clearly I will jump at the chance to have anything involving coffee. These recipes are just a few of my favorites that I know any coffee lover will enjoy. And even if you aren’t as crazy about coffee as I am, give a few of these a try. The cookies are a MUST!

Missed the post on an at home coffee bar? Check it out here!


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  1. I purchased an iced-coffee maker at Peet’s. Its a tall glass container with a filter you drop in, pour your grounds, then pour water until the container is full. Leave it for 8 hours then remove the filter. I also love mine with Barista Blend almond milk (the same one as Peet’s uses – bought on Amazon) – it does contain sugar, but just enough that I don’t need to add anything else. Its the only coffee I drink during the summer.

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