A Trip to the Dry Bar

IMG_2100When I first found out we were going to Chicago I knew I wanted to set aside time for a trip to the Dry Bar. I had been wanting to go since we passed a salon during our trip to New York and I didn’t realize I would get the chance so soon. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Dry Bar is a blow out salon that offers blow outs among other hair treatments and styling options.

I feel the need to share that I am not a hair and beauty person so I am definitely not an expert on styling or products nor do I spend much time on my hair. So why would someone like me decide to make an appointment at the Dry Bar?

Recently I have been trying to get my frizzy and wavy hair under control and wanted to learn a few more styling options that might help it. I thought a trip to the Dry Bar would be a good opportunity to learn how to properly do a blow out myself to take better care of my hair daily. Leave it to me to turn a pampering opportunity into something educational and informative…IMG_2104I decided to also have a hair mask done to help treat and repair my hair hoping for a fresh start. I can honestly say that after my appointment my hair has never looked healthier. And while I doubt I could ever blow out my hair as effortlessly as the stylist did, it was great to learn how to do it so that I can try it at home.IMG_2109I was amazed at how cooperative my hair was for the rest of the day. Even after walking around Lincoln Park Zoo and taking a 3 mile walk along the lake shore my hair was free of frizz!dsc_0136Before leaving the Dry Bar that day I picked up a few of the products to try at home myself to help get my hair under control. It has been about a month since my appointment and I just did another mask treatment at home over the weekend. I honestly cannot believe the difference it makes in how healthy my hair looks and feels.IMG_2152If you get the chance to visit Dry Bar I absolutely recommend it and even if you don’t have one near you, you can still try out their products and even order the Dry Bar Book to master a blow out at home!

Here are a few of my favorite Dry Bar products so far:

Mudslide Hair Mask | Hot Toddy (Heat Protectant) | 100 Proof (Treatment Oil) | Half Pint Round Brush

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