Motivational Monday: Respect Yourself

“If you want the respect of others you must first respect yourself.”


This quote was printed on my tea bag tab  and I loved the quote so much that it has been stuck with me every since. (I drink Yogi tea, every bag has a quote or saying and it is such a nice way to start the morning by reading an inspirational quote as I drink my tea). To be completely honest this quote first reminded me of a line from a cheesy teen movie in which Zac Efron’s character says “If you don’t respect yourselves then how do you expect anyone else to respect you?” And while it may be a silly movie, it is completely true.

If you do not love and respect yourself then how can we expect others to do the same? Even if others do show us love an respect, will we really feel it if we aren’t loving and respecting ourselves as individuals?

I am not the perfect example of someone who loves and respects themselves 100% all the time, but I am working on it. It is an on going process that takes daily effort. Respect for ourselves can be shown in so many ways.

Start by taking care of your mental and physical health. Take care of your body whether this means exercise, meditation, skin care, healthy eating, etc. Our bodies are worth investing in and taking care of. Treats yours well!

Stop talking down to yourself or putting yourself down. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the negative aspects of ourselves. Focus on the positives and choose to love everything, even the things you wish you could change.

Furthermore, dress in a respectful way. When you dress respectfully you will feel better about yourself. This isn’t to say that looks are everything and that you need to dress to impress others. But when you are dressed well (and appropriately) you will start to show more confidence and poise leading to feel the same towards yourself.

Showing respect and love for ourselves is so important. Not only will others respect us more, but once we learn to respect ourselves we can develop a more sincere respect and appreciation for those around us!

9 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Respect Yourself

  1. Words to live by! I see a lot of young women these days who’s behavior and/or appearance give the appearance of a lack of self respect. I wish more people had the insight to have this level of self awareness.

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    1. Thank you, Tasha! As a 24 year old it honestly shocks me the way other young women my age act/present themselves. It’s refreshing to meet others who feel the same way.


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