Spring Dinnerware

We all have our weaknesses (or several if you are me…). For some its shoes, others books, or maybe even sweets. For me, my weakness is dishes. Yup, you read that right, dishes.

My husband teases me that I shouldn’t be allowed near the dishware section of any store or be able to go into Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table unsupervised… He is probably right.

There is something about a nicely set table that makes me frighteningly happy. When we hosted Andrew’s parents for a formal dinner we bought new dishes for 2 of the courses we were serving. I know, that probably sounds insane and wasteful but we have already used these new dishes several times. As someone who is thoroughly obsessed with cooking, let me just say that the type of dish something is served in can make a HUGE difference.

Anyway, now that I have confessed my love of dishes and dinnerware I want to share a few of my favorite decorative dinnerware options for spring gatherings. These dishes may not serve a certain purpose for any dish but they sure are pretty and perfect for Spring. Pottery Barn & Williams Sonoma are dangerous places for me right now… Seriously these dishes are just too much to handle. These would be perfect for any spring celebration or gathering.

Untitled design

Blue Blossom | Floral Rim | White Blossom

White Blossom Napkin | Lemon Plates | Blue Blossom Napkin

Floral Bouquet | Blue Floral Rim | Blue Gingham



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