2017 Travel Plans

I have had major wanderlust lately. Like, really really bad. Even though we just went to New York City in December  I am already thinking about where we might want to go next and starting to plan trips for this year.

I will be sharing the details of our travels throughout the year so lookout for packing lists, itineraries and destination highlights!

Tree Drive.tif

A few places that we will/might be visiting:

Kansas City: We have a wedding coming up in June that will require a quick trip to Kansas City. I have been before but only for a short period of time and as a kid. While Andrew is busy with he wedding I will hopefully be able to venture out and explore a little.

Chicago: We just found out that we will be going to Chicago this summer. We will be there for 4 days and then head directly to Kansas City for the wedding. Even though it isn’t too far away from Omaha I have never been to Chicago so I am excited to experience something new! (So far I’ve realized there aren’t enough meals in the day to try all of the great restaurants I want to go to).

Maine: Andrew and I have been talking about Maine FOREVER. No, seriously, shortly after we started dating we bonded over how much we would like to go there someday. It looks like that day might be coming up soon. If not this year then definitely next year.

Napa: This is the one I am most excited for. If we don’t do Maine we have decided that we are going to take a trip back to Napa (where we went for our honeymoon). I knew during our time there that it would be someplace we would go back to as often as possible. It is one of those places where there is always something to do and restaurants to try. And of course Napa is different in every season so we want to take it all in over time.

San Francisco: If we go to Napa I think we will spend a day in the Bay Area. I want to go back to Muir Woods and also explore Marin Headlands, Mt. Tamalpais, Point Reyes, and Black Sands Beach.

So that is our round up for travel plans this year (at least for now)! Any suggestions for those locations or other awesome destinations we should know about?

To read about our past travels see here.


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